AGONY Gameplay

A journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell and without any memories about his past...
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By exploring hostile environment and interacting with the other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mystical Red Goddess...

AGONY Gameplay
Genre : Survival Horror / FPS
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC / Steam
© 2016 - MadMind Studio

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  • Thought this would be a newer gameplay that was released by Madmind, but clearly it's just another youtuber uploading the same damn video like everyone else. Makes me sick.

    Emmitt Paige
    Posted August 28, 2016
  • esse nome me lembra o nosso do decil May cry 3
    o bossa era agny e rudra

    god emperor of mankind
    Posted August 28, 2016
  • estátua do anjo caído azazel,que estranho,vamos ver no que vai dar

    god emperor of mankind
    Posted August 28, 2016
  • Vish é um treinamento online de como sobreviver no inferno rs os gráficos estão demais!

    Jônatas Freitas
    Posted August 30, 2016
  • People who worked in this game must had visited Hell.

    Arijit Sarkar
    Posted September 1, 2016
  • At least we'l have boob jingles in Hell..

    Percival Concord*
    Posted September 1, 2016
  • AGONY VS Yooka-Laylee…

    Aston WONDER
    Posted September 1, 2016
  • Graphics r insane

    Skinny Pippen
    Posted September 2, 2016
  • So hell basically?

    Posted September 2, 2016
  • 2edgy4me

    Posted September 2, 2016
  • Everything has tits in this game.

    Cazmo ken
    Posted September 3, 2016
  • this game is cause a whole lot of fucked up rule 34.

    Mr Man
    Posted September 6, 2016
  • What kind of sickness do you suffer from that you produce something like this?

    Sean Archer
    Posted September 6, 2016
  • My theory: You're the fallen angel Lucifer and this is the story of how you took over hell

    Posted September 23, 2016
  • the game is clearly for children !

    Anatoli T
    Posted September 25, 2016
  • moving at 0.1 mph

    Posted October 2, 2016
  • Make America Great Again!

    Pek Vek
    Posted October 2, 2016
  • I need to go back to church after watching this.

    Kevin Lebby
    Posted October 5, 2016
  • ok AGONY used to be called SACRED AGONY. it was a kickstarter campaign that was stopped by the lead developer himself, as it stands he must have gotten a private investor. Also some folks who worked on the Witcher series are teaming up with that guy.

    The premise of the game is that you are a person that got cast into hell as a spirit and lost all memory from life before and have to find a way out of hell. Now the kicker is, instead of just being a survival horror game where you hide and hope not do die, here you have the power to possess minions of hell.

    Martys which are like lowly humanoids/humans that can crawl, duck, blend in and use torches are the basic creature class you can infect.You are also able to control semi powerful demons which are ravenous murder machines, however you are always struggling to keep them under your control, by the prompt of a mini game every so often you have to stay in control of your host body or your spirit gets cast out and you need to find another host.

    Also demons require human hearts to feed on or they become weak. the next minion you can control are ghosts which let you turn invisible for a short time. Apparently your hosts can be upgraded to become more powerful or easier to control. This is all vague info from the Kickstarter campaign way back in 2015.

    There is another pre pre pre alpha game footage somewhere on the net. It shows the gamplay as one of those big boobed demon thingies. the colorful sparkling ooze in that altar room is a respawn pool of your spirit. At least it was used as such in that very early footage. We will see what is going to happen. The game at this point looks absolutely phenomenal. I cant wait to play it.

    Imperial Tutor
    Posted October 14, 2016
  • A feminists cellar.
    The monster represents political correctness.
    You ended up there because you are a straight white male

    Posted October 15, 2016
  • сраный варп

    Виталий Я
    Posted October 24, 2016
  • Thanks for the invite. It looks impressive, but I care about my soul.

    poo poo
    Posted November 18, 2016
  • Yes! I was 666th like!! Fuck Jesus!!

    Posted December 9, 2016
  • Rated T for Teen

    Gordon Heeman
    Posted December 15, 2016
  • Welp, Doom looks like a better horror game than this, and it's not even a horror game. I really hope this is just an overly "edgy" trailer and not an accurate representation of the gameplay experience.

    Константин Иванов
    Posted January 24, 2017
  • I love This game

    Kapitan Hentai
    Posted February 5, 2017
  • don't go to hell kids

    Herman Ramirez
    Posted May 7, 2017
  • okay so… this vid is a year old? What the heck!
    These guys don't answer emails, or facebook. They must have hit a brick wall with developing. Its passed due now…

    Crixus The Gaul
    Posted August 1, 2017
  • Looks boring.

    Reggie Mass
    Posted October 2, 2017
  • 2:09
    This sounds an awful lot (the violin strings) like Dead Space 2's ambience.

    Rage Quit
    Posted October 10, 2017
  • This game looks pretty lit

    Michael Carrillo
    Posted October 21, 2017
  • Anyone else want to throw up now

    TF FOC GRIMLOK The Siva Mind
    Posted November 9, 2017
  • Crunch……crunch…..

    Winter Solda
    Posted November 11, 2017

    MAX LM
    Posted November 22, 2017
  • How fucking mentally ill do you have to be to produce a game as sick as this. Everyone in the comments is saying that it looks cool and that shit, but think about it. What if a place like the one in AGONY really does exist like Christians say. What if because you never became saved you ended up like the character in the game. How would you feel then?

    Valcor 001
    Posted November 23, 2017
  • This looks amazing

    B3G_ CRY
    Posted November 23, 2017
  • This is the inside of my ex's vagina.

    Alben Adelbai
    Posted November 24, 2017
  • Explain this, athiests

    Xavier Carr
    Posted November 24, 2017
  • This is just… Sick. I mean this is legitimately depressing to watch. I can watch a lot of things but this really is the hitter for me.

    Pish Posh
    Posted November 25, 2017
  • When you go to hell but didn't know it was closed for the holidays I mean god damn this is boring

    anthony jordan
    Posted November 25, 2017
  • Looks like a man's view of what hell will look/be like.

    Posted November 25, 2017
  • nice walking simulator

    Posted November 27, 2017
  • So colonoscopy is a game now?

    Paul Weaver
    Posted November 28, 2017
  • this is the place where muslims go

    Chris Carr
    Posted January 30, 2018
  • dat downgrade

    NukaCola Quantum
    Posted May 30, 2018
  • I'm glad unholy games like this suck at the end

    Posted May 31, 2018
  • Shittttttt id still hit it

    T Japts
    Posted March 22, 2020

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