Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 – Escaping the Doctor

Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Escaping the Doctor

NEW Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 of the Story for PC and PS4. This Outlast Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, Reactions, Scary Moments and the Ending.

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Outlast is a psychological horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels for Playstation 4 and PC. In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the "research and charity" branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy... until now. Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.



  • 11:44 most satisfying movment.

    Mohammad Usama
    Posted October 16, 2018
  • My brain hurts watching u play this game but u r a good YouTuber keep it up

    Shannon Long
    Posted October 28, 2018
  • thank you so much lmao i passed him by watching ur vid

    Posted November 24, 2018
  • Has Miles even INFORMED anyone that he is going to an insane asylum? think about it, is ANYONE even knows that he is there, stuck in this endless nightmare?

    Dan Eyal
    Posted December 11, 2018
  • This was intense

    Posted December 18, 2018
  • Rewatching before this year ends! Love you Brad!

    Diorwene Sapico
    Posted December 30, 2018
  • 2019???

    messiah rene
    Posted January 5, 2019
  • You know guys this game is realy x2 night mare!!

    Posted January 6, 2019
  • Brad annoys me when he is beong chased all he does is rin and hide you have to look around as well like twice in a row he ran down that hall way and the vent was in front of him and he never saw it because he does look

    R2-PEA2 pea
    Posted January 26, 2019
  • Did he die well of coudse he did he got cut in half my a elivator

    R2-PEA2 pea
    Posted January 26, 2019
  • Keep going big boy fhdgjk

    Mohamed Saadiq
    Posted January 26, 2019
  • My god

    Kristen H
    Posted February 16, 2019
  • Holly Nienaber
    Posted February 22, 2019
  • I am feeling some chunky the cult vibe here

    AfraidFire Blazer
    Posted March 9, 2019
  • Thanks to take all of my fear..Now i can find a key for the elevator

    Sumit Jaiswar
    Posted March 17, 2019
  • …..Your choices are to run , hide or die.

    miles proceeds to kill trager

    Posted March 21, 2019
  • I don’t make the rules man I just think them up and right them down

    Adog 00
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I’m going to the doctor tomorrow
    And I’m staying up til 4 watching outlast gameplays

    My Pet Cheetah Jason
    Posted April 22, 2019
  • These games give me soooooooo much anxiety

    Kai Rodger
    Posted July 10, 2019
  • I got past the doctor yesterday and crushed him in the elevator.
    Man this part was rough!
    Almost done with the game.
    Can't wait to beat it. 😀

    day dreamer93
    Posted July 12, 2019
  • 11:39 If that happen to me in real life then i would've punched him in the face 2 or 3 times and will grab that wepon from his hands and i'll stap the wepon into his face.
    And its a good thing that he died. Stupit pycho.

    Prince Sathyan
    Posted August 1, 2019
  • Yavuz Selim
    Posted August 1, 2019
  • Imagine that John Carpenter directed a film adaptation of OUTLAST that would be awesome.

    Abram Sullivan
    Posted August 3, 2019
  • This game gives me the creeps

    Daniel Nisonov
    Posted August 6, 2019
  • I'm still on this part I gave up

    J AOrtiz95
    Posted August 22, 2019
  • Absolutely no fucking way this is this dudes first time playthrough. He’s known way too much about where he’s going ‘by stumbling across it’

    Posted August 23, 2019
  • 8:44 buddy!!!!

    prateek Chauhan
    Posted September 2, 2019
  • How about we nuke the asylum nukes fix everything-Kim jung un

    Grim Reaper
    Posted December 4, 2019
  • I have never been so aggravated with watching someone play a video game as much as this. His decisions in this episode are really pissing me off.

    Posted December 29, 2019
  • Buddy!

    runs for his life

    Erick G
    Posted January 10, 2020
  • These voice actors are phenomenal.

    Maria Frances
    Posted February 3, 2020

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